About Me

Twenty something year old born in Europe, and now living in Canada. My writing encompasses a reflection of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. In my written work, I use my past or current circumstances as a voice for others who have gone or are going through similar experiences, in order to harvest a new and positive perspective. If you choose to read my blog posts, I strongly believe that you will find, what I deem is good advice, towards self-help and improving your lifestyle. I like to cover anything from daily media posts, to self care and confidence boost posts.

It would be an astronomical thought for me to think that you would agree with all that I have to write about. That being said, take what I write lightly and make your own decisions based on your own judgement. I am here to voice my opinion , share what is on my mind and open up a new conversation. Feel free to comment, like and share and let me know what you would like to hear more of.

Thank you for taking your sweet time to read my blog, hope you enjoy.



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